Friday, August 18, 2006

The Big Project...continued

I can't believe just last week we were still thinking about what we should do with our yard. Now, a week and a half later we have two new pieces of concrete in our yard. Tomorrow we will be able to start drivng on our new widened drive-way. Those of you who visit us often will be excited to note you can turn around and enter Losey facing forward instead of backing out onto the scary four-lane highway! We are excited that we will no longer park each other in and have to juggle cars or park on our lawn or across the street.

The back patio will be stained and engraved in mid-September. The concrete needs to cure for 28 days. Today we received some digital photos of what it could look like. We haven't settled on anything, but we are thinking a dark red flagstone look.

Unfortunately, I have more photos to share, but they are not downloaded yet. They will be coming soon!

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