Sunday, October 30, 2005

Joel's Adventure

Joel made it back to La Crosse safely last night. Kate Anger (a friend from high school) and I picked Joel up at the hanger (because he was on a corporate jet he didn't have to go through the regular terminal). Joel's co-worker, Chris took a few photos while on their quick trip to Monroe, LA. Chris and Joel are on the far left in the first photo in front of the corporate jet. In the second photo, Joel is on the far right in the cabin of the jet. I think Joel found his trip to Monroe worthwhile and an interesting change of pace.

After we picked Joel up, we went out to dinner to kill some time while our friends, the Wulfs started a fire in the new fire pit that I got Joel for his birthday (I gave it to him early, thought it would be kind of hard to hide). It was nice to hang out with friends on a gorgous autum evening.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Visiting the Tenniers (August)

This is our newest nephew Louis Michael Tennier. The proud parents (lower left) are Ann (Joel's sister) and Mark Tennier. Louis was born on August 20, 2005. Joel, Jennifer (his sister), her children Cameron and Caitlin and I went to visit the Tenniers on August 27th to meet the little guy. I am not sure what he thought of us, but we definately had a good time meeting him and hanging out with the family. Caitlin and Louis were chatting on the futon (lower right) for a little while, I hope they get along better when they are older ;).

**Sidenote** I am testing out ways to post photos because as most of you know I take way too many of them. I would like to find a quick and fun way to share photos with everyone, so this is my test run. Posted by Picasa

Quick Trip to Louisiana

On Tuesday afternoon Joel called me at work to tell me he might have to go to Louisiana for work on Wednesday, but wasn't sure. When it was finalized, he called me back. Joel left on Wednesday morning from La Crosse with 5 of his co-workers on CenturyTel's corporate jet. They made the quick trip to Louisiana in about one hour and 45 minutes unlike his past trips to Monroe, LA which usually take about six hours because of all the lay-overs in between here and there. I chatted with Joel yesterday evening. He said the day had been very productive and he looked forward to making more personal connections with his co-workers that he only usually gets to email or chat with over the phone.

I didn't realize how much I must mentally prepare myself for his other business trips until yesterday. When I was at work yesterday, I thought to myself oh I need to check with Joel about that when we get home, oh but wait he won't be home until Friday. Cammie (the dog) and I fairing very well, but missing our man of the house.

Today and tomorrow I have the day off from work. In our area, the teachers are given the opportunity to go to teacher conventions, so students and support staff get days off...yippee!! I don't have a lot on my agenda, but I am sure I will stay busy. This morning I have already finished one book! Feed by M.T. Now it is off to feed Cammie and meet my mom for some shopping and lunch.

Monday, October 24, 2005

New Nephew (or maybe Niece??)--Not Yet!!

This past weekend, we received a phone call from my mom stating that my sister-in-law Sarah had started having contractions (she is pregnant and due on November 4th). I was excited and almost didn't want to go to work (for Mueller Photography) on Saturday, but contained my excitement and went to the wedding with my phone on vibrate in hopes of hearing of the arrival of my new nephew. At 4 p.m. when I was finished, I called my mom (I had no messages), no new niece or nephew. Sarah' contractions hadn't progressed, so they Therin, Travis and Sarah went to the circus as they had planned before the mornings excitement. Since Saturday I have become obsessive-compulsive in checking to see if I have any phone calls, to see if the new baby has arrived. I don't remember it being like this with any of our other nieces or nephews. Hmmmm...what is different?

You are probably wondering why the question in the title...My brother the med-student thinks he saw the boy parts when the ultrasound was done, but is not completely positive. So we all are under the impression that it is going to be a boy, but could be surprised when she decides to make her entrance. (I should write more on that story, but that will have to be later due to the late hour and the early appointment--5 a.m.!!!--I have tomorrow).

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The beginning...

Hello All!
This is my experiment in keeping in touch with friends and family. I love hearing about everyone's events and happenings and thought maybe I should be better about sharing mine. Our friends the Reynolds and Kellys started family blogs, so I thought I might try it as well.

Feel free to post comments or questions!