Thursday, October 27, 2005

Visiting the Tenniers (August)

This is our newest nephew Louis Michael Tennier. The proud parents (lower left) are Ann (Joel's sister) and Mark Tennier. Louis was born on August 20, 2005. Joel, Jennifer (his sister), her children Cameron and Caitlin and I went to visit the Tenniers on August 27th to meet the little guy. I am not sure what he thought of us, but we definately had a good time meeting him and hanging out with the family. Caitlin and Louis were chatting on the futon (lower right) for a little while, I hope they get along better when they are older ;).

**Sidenote** I am testing out ways to post photos because as most of you know I take way too many of them. I would like to find a quick and fun way to share photos with everyone, so this is my test run. Posted by Picasa

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