Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's Off--It's On

It has been about three weeks since I had surgery. All is going well. I had my casts changed today so they could check on the pins that are sticking out of my thumb. I even brought a camera along so I could share the experience with you all. I know the photo quality isn't great, but you have to remember I was working with my left hand only. The two dark spots on my thumb are the wires holding the little piece of bone that broke off in place while it heals. You can also see where they made the incision when I had surgery. They put another cast on to protect the wires. I go back in two weeks to have it checked again. They may be taken out then or it may be another week. We will see.

For the most part I can do everything, however, it either takes longer or I look really funny while I am doing it. Typing goes pretty well and I have adapted to using the mouse with my left hand. What I miss the most is not being able to handle my camera (digital SLR). I can manage the other one put I definately am not getting shots I desire. The thing Joel is probably missing the most is me not being able to dishes (hee, hee, hee).

Friday, March 03, 2006

Thumb Update

I had surgery yesterday and it went well. I am in a little pain, but not like imagined. I think it is more of an inconvenience. For example right now I am hunting and pecking for letters while typing, I don't think I have done this since middle school or high school when I took typing. So pardon any typos.

I have taken for granted having two hands. I can't imagine only having one or even one that doesn't function as it should.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thumb Adventures

Just wanted to give you an update...

I went skiing on Sunday evening with Jenn M, Jamie D, Joy and Jess. I
had a blast and got lots of bumps and a sore thumb. The thumb was
still sore on Monday after I iced it and took a couple of Ibuprofen.
The school nurse at the high school said it would be a good idea
to go to the doctor because it then had started bruising and swelling

On Monday after work I headed over to Urgent care in Onalaska (I
should have went to La Crosse). They looked at it and did x-rays. I
broke a little piece off my thumb the ligaments tore a little piece of
bone right off (for a better description I would ask a medical person
you know). The doctor wanted to refer me to specialist later in the
week. OK not a big deal... But the big problem of Monday evening was that I couldn't drive my standard car home, so Joel had to come get me :( in Onalaska.

This morning I had an appointment with sports medicine doctor, he
didn't seem overly concerned but was consulting with a hand doctor.
He had me put in a cast and sent me on my way. I thought great 4
weeks in a cast and I'll be good to go. At lunch I got a call saying
that I needed to see the hand doctor. So, I went and there I had to
have the cast, just put on this morning, taken off. The hand doctor
thought surgery was a good idea and I really wanted to err on the side
of caution since it is my right thumb and I AM RIGHT HANDED!!

So tomorrow I am having surgery. I would add more detail, however,
typing is a bit of a challenge with the cast on.