Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thumb Adventures

Just wanted to give you an update...

I went skiing on Sunday evening with Jenn M, Jamie D, Joy and Jess. I
had a blast and got lots of bumps and a sore thumb. The thumb was
still sore on Monday after I iced it and took a couple of Ibuprofen.
The school nurse at the high school said it would be a good idea
to go to the doctor because it then had started bruising and swelling

On Monday after work I headed over to Urgent care in Onalaska (I
should have went to La Crosse). They looked at it and did x-rays. I
broke a little piece off my thumb the ligaments tore a little piece of
bone right off (for a better description I would ask a medical person
you know). The doctor wanted to refer me to specialist later in the
week. OK not a big deal... But the big problem of Monday evening was that I couldn't drive my standard car home, so Joel had to come get me :( in Onalaska.

This morning I had an appointment with sports medicine doctor, he
didn't seem overly concerned but was consulting with a hand doctor.
He had me put in a cast and sent me on my way. I thought great 4
weeks in a cast and I'll be good to go. At lunch I got a call saying
that I needed to see the hand doctor. So, I went and there I had to
have the cast, just put on this morning, taken off. The hand doctor
thought surgery was a good idea and I really wanted to err on the side
of caution since it is my right thumb and I AM RIGHT HANDED!!

So tomorrow I am having surgery. I would add more detail, however,
typing is a bit of a challenge with the cast on.


Jenn M said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your thumb:o(

I hope the surgery went well today.

theReynoldsFam said...

Jenn - Jamie - Joy and Jess stories are always trouble...