Thursday, October 27, 2005

Quick Trip to Louisiana

On Tuesday afternoon Joel called me at work to tell me he might have to go to Louisiana for work on Wednesday, but wasn't sure. When it was finalized, he called me back. Joel left on Wednesday morning from La Crosse with 5 of his co-workers on CenturyTel's corporate jet. They made the quick trip to Louisiana in about one hour and 45 minutes unlike his past trips to Monroe, LA which usually take about six hours because of all the lay-overs in between here and there. I chatted with Joel yesterday evening. He said the day had been very productive and he looked forward to making more personal connections with his co-workers that he only usually gets to email or chat with over the phone.

I didn't realize how much I must mentally prepare myself for his other business trips until yesterday. When I was at work yesterday, I thought to myself oh I need to check with Joel about that when we get home, oh but wait he won't be home until Friday. Cammie (the dog) and I fairing very well, but missing our man of the house.

Today and tomorrow I have the day off from work. In our area, the teachers are given the opportunity to go to teacher conventions, so students and support staff get days off...yippee!! I don't have a lot on my agenda, but I am sure I will stay busy. This morning I have already finished one book! Feed by M.T. Now it is off to feed Cammie and meet my mom for some shopping and lunch.

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