Sunday, October 30, 2005

Joel's Adventure

Joel made it back to La Crosse safely last night. Kate Anger (a friend from high school) and I picked Joel up at the hanger (because he was on a corporate jet he didn't have to go through the regular terminal). Joel's co-worker, Chris took a few photos while on their quick trip to Monroe, LA. Chris and Joel are on the far left in the first photo in front of the corporate jet. In the second photo, Joel is on the far right in the cabin of the jet. I think Joel found his trip to Monroe worthwhile and an interesting change of pace.

After we picked Joel up, we went out to dinner to kill some time while our friends, the Wulfs started a fire in the new fire pit that I got Joel for his birthday (I gave it to him early, thought it would be kind of hard to hide). It was nice to hang out with friends on a gorgous autum evening.


Joel said...
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Joel said...

The trip to Monroe was short and busy. The thing about business trips is that you usually end up working a lot more than you would typically work if you were at home. I guess that is okay if it isn't all the time. Flying on a private plane made the trip go a lot faster than it could have been. No running through airports this trip. :-)

I missed out on a big family photo event that would have been a great treat for my mom. It isn't often that we get together for a big photo anymore. Hopefully we'll be able to reschedule for sometime in the spring to capture the expanding family.