Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So funny...

This has been my guilty pleasure for the last week. A young adult author, John Green, who I have grown to love and love even more this week, has created a video blog with his brother called Brotherhood 2.0. Hank and John Green made a commitment to not send any emails this year to only communicate using the videos and they have decided to share these videos with us. They started at the beginning of January and alternate each weekday. The videos are hosted on YouTube, but you can find them on John's websited @ http://www.sparksflyup.com/weblog.php. Take the time to watch these they are hilarious!

One commenter said they can't go to a book store anymore without smiling and thinking about one of Hank and John's videos, well I have the same problem going to work. If you want to know more watch the videos, you just can't imagine how funny they are. Today even featured John's Wii!


Jenn M. said...

I agree playing the Wii feels a lot cooler than it looks.

By the way... did you buy another purse?!

Bee said...

Maybe ?!?!