Sunday, July 15, 2007

In Case You Have Missed It

I am doing a fun project this year. I am taking a self-portrait everyday for 365 days, a year. I have been doing it for 19 days. This will give you a taste of what I have done so far. If you would like to see what I am doing every day you can visit my Photo Blog--She Shoots...Photographs or you can visit Flickr. I would love to hear your comments or ideas, feel free to comment here, on my photo blog or on Flickr.


theReynoldsFam said...

when i first saw you were doing this, i was intrigued by the challenge. i considered it...even unofficially joined in for a couple of days. i love your creativity - i always enjoy seeing your photos. they inspire me.

keep up the great work - maybe you can take a picture of mii winning a tennis tournament!


Becky said...

thanks for the idea! I have some other ideas regarding the Wii, but I am trying to hold off until later in the year when I am lacking the beautiful weather outside!