Sunday, July 01, 2007

Road Trip--Kansas Trip

We took a quick road trip to Kansas City this weekend to celebrate our anniversary and check Kansas off of our list of places to stay. We caught a Royals game today and experienced Riverfest Kansas City style. We all so had great food. Kansas City is known for its barbaque--and we tried what is said to be the best @ Arthur Bryant's Barbaque. We also picked up Chipotle burritos to go and tailgated outside Kauffman Field. Because we were one of the 1st 20,000 fans we received baseball hats.

Well, I tried, but was unsuccessful--we did not go anywhere that sold postcards. I'm sorry! Soooo.... this is your virtual postcard, you could say it is even better then a regular one because we are "on" it!

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MyUtopia said...

Sounds like fun, hope you are having a wonderful trip!